The Story Behind America's Best Corvette Tours

Corvette'N America Tours began, as many innovative businesses do, with an idea, the passion which comes with starting a business and some encouragement from friends.

Dwayne Bublitz has been hooked on Chevrolet Corvettes since he was eight. Every morning, he'd watch his third grade teacher drive into the school parking lot in a stunning, Silver Pearl, '65 Vette. He told his buddies and anyone else who'd listen that one day, he'd have a Corvette, too. Dwayne purchased his first Corvette in 1991 and his enthusiasm for America’s Sports Car has grown ever since.

A young Dwayne Bublitz in the Fall of 1991 and his first Corvette, a '91 Coupe.

Dwayne and Cindy Bublitz, the entrepreneurial couple behind Corvette'N America Tours, met in 1992 when Cindy came to work at one of the hotels Dwayne’s parents owned in Flagstaff, Arizona. The hotels were a family business, begun in the 1960s, with a small motel on old Route 66. In 1995, Dwayne and Cindy married then started a family with the birth of their daughters, Kirsten and Faith. In 2000, the Bublitz family sold its last remaining hotel and Dwayne’s parents retired. Dwayne and Cindy were ready for a business adventure of their own, but they were unsure what it would be.

In 2004, Dwayne hit on a business model. Like some of the world's great products, at first, it seemed a bit crazy but, also, exciting. Dwayne's idea? Why not combine Cindy's and his experience in the hospitality industry, the beauty of Northern Arizona with the passion he had for Corvettes?

The two Bublitz girls have been around Corvettes since they were very young. At the Show-and-Shine during the inaugural Corvette’N America Grand Canyon Tour in 2005, Faith and Kirsten perched on the back of a Tour guest's C5.

Dwayne shared his thoughts with his Wife and together they began planning a new form of Corvette entertainment. The Bublitzes were friends with Dave Burroughs, prominent in the Corvette hobby as founder of the storied Bloomington Gold events. One evening over dinner, Dwayne, Cindy and Dave developed the idea of Corvette road tours to some of the most inspirational scenery in America. The rest, as they say, " history."

Dwayne's idea was show Corvette enthusiasts the spectacular scenery of the Southwest from the seat of America's Sports Car.


Corvette'N America Tours opened for business in 2005 with Dwayne and Cindy Bublitz staging their inaugural "Grand Canyon Tour". It drew 108 Corvettes from 13 states–an amazing feat for the first time out. All 200 guests were treated to an event which ran like clockwork and ended with rave reviews from participants–it was termed one of "America's Best Corvette Tours." The following year, the Bublitz Corvette road show traveled south of Flagstaff on U.S. 89A, through Oak Creek Canyon, to the beautiful red rocks of Sedona. On this first Tour to Sedona, 360 guests in 186 Vettes from 18 states were impressed with the professionalism Dwayne and Cindy exhibited in planning, organizing and executing the event.

In 2007 Corvette'N America Tours made a triumphant return to the Grand Canyon with over 400 Corvetters from 16 states in a spectacular caravan of 210 cars. The business was thriving. Dwayne and Cindy were tickled with the growth, but felt the Corvette community needed another type of tour which would have a small number of guests, last longer than just overnight and drive a longer distance.

The second time Corvette'N America ran its Grand Canyon Tour drew an astonishing 210 cars.

That concept became Corvette’N America's second event, the six-day, Rocky Mountain Tour. This Bublitz extravaganza offered a carefully planned and flawlessly executed road tour for the ultimate in Corvette travel entertainment. One of the Rocky Mountain Tour guests was Ed Saari, Bloomington Gold's Chief Financial Officer, and his Wife, Barb. Saari was so impressed with Dwayne and Cindy's event; he offered the Bublitzes an opportunity to enter a marketing agreement which would have them running their Tours as part of the Bloomington Gold brand.

For the next five years "Bloomington Gold Tours" regularly visited the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Rocky Mountains and old Route 66 through northern Arizona. The Bublitzes' Tours, by now quite popular in the Corvette hobby, drew frequent repeat customers–some couples have been on five of them.

Car magazines, the travel press and even cable TV's The Travel Channel were enamored with these road trip adventures. In 2011, organizers from the granddaddy of all Corvette road trips, the National Corvette Caravan, sampled the Grand Canyon Tour and were highly impressed with the operation. To say the Bublitzes "...were on a roll" was an understatement.

During the years the Bublitzes were associated with Bloomington Gold their business achieved solid growth with showcase events such as the Rocky Mountain and National Park Tours.

During the past ten years, the Bublitzes' two girls, Kirsten and Faith, now in their teens, followed their parents' lead and developed an interest in Corvettes. They also began spending their summers working with their Mom and Dad. They put together the information packets and the Welcome Baskets which all Tour guests receive. Both girls are accomplished photographers and shoot most of the Tour images including many used on this web site. The younger of the two, Faith is also the company videographer and her work appears on our homepage. Kirsten is old enough to drive and was at the wheel of one of the Bublitzes' Corvettes on the 2014 Rocky Mountain Tour. Most teenagers don't know what a six-speed manual is–much less know how to drive one, but Kirsten? She's a true "Corvette Girl."

In 2013, Bloomington Gold changed hands, the marketing agreement concluded and Dwayne and Cindy's successful Corvette tours organization, once again, was doing business as "Corvette'N America Tours".

The Bublitz family in June of 2014 on the Yellowstone/Grand Teton Tour.

"Going forward," Dwayne says, "we will continue to offer quality Corvette tours through the most spectacularly beautiful scenery in America. Corvette'N America Tours is a family operation, just like our Route 66 motel was in the 1960s. It’s our attention to details, our ‘family-owned’ approach to doing business and the love of what we do which will ensure your Corvette tour is a first-class experience. Come join us in your Corvette and see for yourself why people say we offer America's Best Corvette Tours.”

Dwayne & Cindy Bublitz

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